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A website about María Lionza for learning and sharing!

This website is dedicated to María Lionza and her cult. María Lionza is one of the most widely recognised and representative divinities in Venezuela and the focus of an important religious cult. This website will provide you with the results of anthropological research that I have carried out during the last few years on the cult of María Lionza. Via the BLOG section you can send me your own images of María Lionza and the rituals linked to her cult! Thank you very much!

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María Lionza and her cult

Documentaries, photos, texts… This website contains a large variety of material about María Lionza that I have gathered and produced over the past few years.

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Blog: a space to share and give your opinion!

This website is an interactive space aimed at sharing experiences and knowledge about María Lionza and her cult. Via the BLOG section, you can send me your own images of the goddess, the altars and the rituals that you practice. That material will help me to find out more about Queen María Lionza and her religion. You can also add comments to the images sent by other users. Thank you.

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    Don Nicanor

    En este tabaco se manifiesta un espiritu de alta luz de la corte chamarrera…. Don Nicanor....

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    Eloy Marchán

    Hola, me interesa también el estudio sobre el culto a la Diosa venezolana. Mi blog es www.marialionzalamadre.blogspot.com y twitter @MariaLionzaLM estamos preparando también la cuenta instagram @MariaLionzaLaMadre...

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    Federacion Nacional de Espiritistas

    Hecho en venezuela y para el mundo esta por nacer la federacion nacional de espiritistas que se encargara de regir todo lo referente con el culto y sus diferentes practicas de lo que realmente se hace en la montaña de sorte con lo referente a......

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María Lionza’s primitive name is Yara; born in the Yaracuy region, she was a beautiful indigenous girl with green eyes…

Iván Drenikoff – Andhi


To send me images of María Lionza or her cult, please follow these simple steps: all you need to do is fill in the following fields and add the file. Please note that to protect your privacy, I will be the only one able to view your e-mail. Other users will not have access to that information. If you want other users to know your e-mail, you can add it as a comment to your picture on the BLOG page. Thank you!